Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Clay Pigeon Shooting
This wonderful shooting game Clay pigeon  is one of the popular sports in European countries and United States, and it has been held for the first time in 1472. Over the time, this kind of sport has continued to spread and became more popular in other countries.

Clay pigeon shooting can be classified into  two different disciplines. The Skeet and the Trap are those two disciplines . The shooters are equipped with shotguns and shoot at targets made of clay. The game simply involves shooting the clay discs . The one discipline of the game differs from the other by positioning of shooters while other by  arrangement of the traps.

Though you are an experienced and successful player and have already won many trophies in tournaments, you should need good concentration and seriousness at every time you are playing. Because, this is such sort of precise game which needs concentration to shoot at targets and become winner.


In Trapshooting five shooters with gun are standing in a line and have a gap of 3.2 m from each other. In front of these shooters there is a target stand where the targets made of baked clay disc are arranged in rows at a distance of 15 m apart from shooters, Shotguns with a caliber of up to twelve are admitted, the cartridge's length should not exceed 70 mm. The same way,  diameter of each pellet should not be greater than 2.5 mm. The targeted objects are baked clay and each have a diameter of 100 mm, a height of 28 mm and a weight of 110 g. The competition is usually held with 25 clay pigeons that can be shot by five shooters. In case the shooter is least experienced, he needs good practice to aim the target perfectly.  However, in average a regular shooter can get a pigeon for every two shots. The clay pigeon is considered to be taken once the player shoot it  or crumble to dust.

Skeet Shooting

The second variant of the game is skeet shooting. Here the shooters are arranged in a semicircle. The radius of the circle should be 19 m. The game is composed of  high house and low house where two shooters aim on the clay pigeons and each shooter can shoot a total number of 20 clay pigeons. The cartridges for this sport can be up to 70 mm long, the pellets may have a maximum diameter of 2 mm and the load must not weigh more than 32 grams. Shotguns with the caliber twelve are allowed in this discipline.


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