Sunday, April 5, 2015

Of course many of us might have much more interest on growing colorful flowers and crotons in or around our home. When you start cultivating fruits or vegetables at your home garden, you will get more benefits as you can save some money.

If you have decided to grow fruits in your garden, the first question that flash in your mind is, "What type of fruits can be grown in my garden?"

In fact most of the people don't  have vast space in their garden to cultivate all kinds of fruits as some of the plants may take up more space. However, there are many variety of fruits like Pomegranate, Lemon, Orange, Guava and Sapota which never grow like huge trees. They are shrub like plants and need a small space to cultivate them.

Pomegranate Plant
The other good benefit of cultivating fruits in your own garden is that you can get tasty and healthy fruits since you can take special care on plants with natural manure and pesticides. However, soil type and climate are two important factors that determine what kinds of fruits are suitable for the cultivation.

As we all know that pomegranate is much nutritious fruit and it is available as short and tall varieties. It won't need much sun light so that they can grow even under other trees. However, ventilation is very important for the healthy growth of pomegranates. Next to pomegranates we can grow citrus fruits like lemon and orange. Both these fruits are enriched with vitamin C and have great health importance. Sapota and guava are other good options for home garden whenever you feel that you have small space in your garden. 


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