Sunday, April 5, 2015

Mother And Baby
It's obviously true that a baby is not only getting rid of hungry when it's fed by mother. But, it can hear the heart beat of mother and also experience her body heat. It can also feel body smell of its mother and understand her love. Any baby will feel totally secured with love of its mother. It hopes that she will take care of every thing that it needs.

Naturally a baby grows cozily when it's residing in mother's stomach. After birth, it will experience a new form of life with strange persons and things. Whenever a mother lift a baby she has to gently embrace it so that it can feel the body heat and smell of the mother. Then only the baby can assure that it's under the care of mother. Make sure that you lift the baby only after it has seen your face. In case if you try to lift it backwards, it will begin to cry due to panic. Always a baby will like rather lifting by its mother than other people. Babies below one year of age will never like lifting by strange people as they always trust on their mother.

Every baby is  sensitive with the voice of mother. So, the mother should used to talk always with it so that it can keep in memory the voice of mother. If a baby can recognize its mother's voice, it will calm down even though it's crying.

Three or fours weeks after birth a baby starts to watch facial expressions of mother. Mother of a baby should always talk with it politely as it's so sensitive with facial expressions. So, it is nature that a baby with a smiling mother will always smile.

Almost all babies will love to hear songs sung by its mother. After recognizing its mother voice every baby will like to hear songs singing by mother. For this  a mother don't need to be a professional singer. Even a humming sound will give a great pleasure to the sleeping baby.


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